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Even if you don't know much about fitness…


It all started when I couldn’t take a picture. For weeks, I would get up, look in the mirror, and see a stranger staring back at me who appeared to be made of dough.


As a new mom, I was getting very little sleep but I knew I wasn’t seeing things. I really did look like dough. I was going to take my “before” picture the day I started training but…no. So the “before” picture you see is actually me when I lost enough weight to work up the nerve. 


I write all this because I know how it feels to be too scared to even start. And I know what it’s like to put in the work and not see the results. 


Before I discovered the exercises in Embrace Your Strength, my only weapon was cardio. I would go hit the treadmill or the elliptical. Like a hamster on a wheel, I would run forever getting nowhere physically or mentally. Then I might lift some light weights and call it a day.  


After my son was born, I was way too busy to work out like that.


I needed something more effective, so I started to study different methods. I borrowed from athletic training, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. I learned how to lose fat quickly, how to build muscle where I wanted it, and how to constantly challenge myself to get stronger. I mixed and matched until I had what suited my goals, then I put it to the test.


I tweaked it over and over and, through trial and error, ended up with a program that let me have my cake and eat it too. I could look strong, feel strong, and be strong.


There was just one thing.


No one told me I couldn’t do that. No one told me that powerlifters had to train for meets or that bodybuilders had to prep for shows. I didn’t know that certain exercises were mostly used by Olympic athletes and elite military personnel.


No one told me I couldn’t just take what worked for me and do that. So I was free to create what ended up being a very powerful program. It just mixed and matched the most effective methods from powerlifting, bodybuilding, and cross training.


I was getting results and people started to take notice. At first it was stares. Then compliments. Then people started asking what I was doing. The funny thing is, when I told them, I got even weirder looks.


Nobody worked out the way I did. They had lifted weights before and knew a lot of the movements but not like this… This turned traditional training on its head.


I know from the fact that you clicked through to this page that you are a willing to take action to change things in your life. Maybe you’ve gone as far as to complete another program or challenge, and that’s great. But now you’re looking for the tools to really start seeing results.


Imagine a few weeks from now walking confidently into the gym. You lift a weight heavier than you could have ever imagined. You look in the mirror and see yourself standing a little taller with accomplishment. You’re wearing clothes you’ve worn a hundred times, but they never fit as well as they do now. You know you can handle whatever the day brings because you’ve learned to Embrace Your Strength.

What Makes Embrace Your Strength So Special?

  • Never Get Bored

    Every workout is different. There isn’t a Routine A and Routine B. You will see the workout of the day on the schedule. You won’t repeat a workout for the entire program.

  • IIFYM/Flexible Dieting

    Your macros are on the chart already calculated for you. Just match your height with your ideal bodyweight.

  • Quick and Dirty Guide To Diet

    Hate thinking about macros? Can’t be bothered with tracking grams of this and % of that? I’ve got you covered with some very simple diet rules that will still deliver amazing results.

  • How to Reach Your Goals

    A little known tip you can use to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. This is so powerful that it won’t just help you transform your body, it can change your whole world.

  • What No One Is Telling You About "Toning"

    If you’ve ever used the word “tone” in a sentence, you need to know about this. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  • Be Confident Lifting Weights In the Gym

    Pictures and exercise descriptions so you know how to do them right.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • q-icon"Won't Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?"

    No. Getting bulky takes a specific style of training and diet. Embrace Your Strength will show you how to avoid getting bulky while adding muscle in all the right places.

  • q-icon"Do I Need A Gym Membership?"

    Yes, that would be ideal. But, if you have a home gym with a bench, squat rack, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells then you should be fine.

  • q-icon"I'm a complete beginner. Can I do this?"

    You lucked out finding this program first. Your first year training is when all the fastest results come. I’ve added a section in the program just for you on how to get up to speed.

  • q-icon"How Do I Actually Get the Program?"

    As soon as you complete your purchase, you will get an automatic email with a custom link to instantly download the Embrace Your Strength PDF to your phone, computer, or tablet.

Feedback from Real People

Kayla was already an experienced athlete and trainer!

Kayla - @kayhart

"Embrace Your Strength was very detailed and provided a ton of information for the client to use before even getting to the actual workout portion. The plan even includes demo pictures of each exercise so you do not have to search the internet if you don’t know how to do something.  I have never tried a powerlifting-based workout program before so it was definitely different than other plans I have tried, but I can say this is the best program I have ever done! My physical results were amazing! I leaned out in my midsection, arms and back & built up my legs and glutes, which was my main focus area. I gained a lot of confidence in my strength training through this program. I never really pushed myself to lift super heavy when it came to deadlifts, squats and glute bridges so this program really helped me move past my comfort zone. My favorite part was the variety and short workouts. Before this program, I would spend hours in the gym. With this program, I was in and out in 45-60 minutes. Sometimes with cardio included! I loved being sore in different ways too.

I would absolutely recommend this plan to ANYONE. Beginner or advanced. No matter if you want to lose weight or put on muscle. This plan can be tailored to fit your fitness goals."

Tayler was just beginning her fitness journey!

"Never thought I would have the courage to post something like this but I woke up this morning feeling proud of what I have accomplished! Big shout out to the #embraceyourstrength program by Jenny MetCon for helping me become confident again, the program kicked my butt and at times I wanted to give up but it was totally worth it!"


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